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Geeksprogramming Reviews And Testimonials

GeeksProgramming Reviews and Testimonials Case Study.

GeeksProgramming has been one the best-performing website and top programming help service providers since 2014. However, we had many such episodes where our clients found reviews on third-party websites unreliable and untrustworthy. Because of many reasons, these reviews are generally not verified, and sometimes competitors can spoil our reviews on these websites because of their foul intentions. And thats the reason there are mixed reviews on external platforms, but no real business will have only positive reviews. Those who have only positive reviews are as fake as it gets, and one should stay far away from them.

The ratio of our project failures is only 2 out of 100. So 98% of our clients are satisfied with our programming help services. We have solid data and stats from our payment service provider to support this claim. And remaining 2% of unsatisfied customers or clients with failed projects get a full refund. As you can see from the graphs below, we have done 1000s of projects and assignments worth more than a hundred thousand dollars during these last two years. The dispute rate only hovers around 2%, which includes full refunds. So this is convincing enough proof of the legitimacy of

Geeksprogramming Sales Data Charts As Proof Of Legitimacy
Dispute And Refund Data Charts For Reviews And Testimonials

On Review platforms, Most satisfied customers never leave a review when pleased with the services or products they have used, but the moment they are unsatisfied, they tend to leave a negative review. So, this whole review Industry is highly skewed towards negativity, and people also believe only negative reviews, even when positive reviews are many times more than negative.

You can look at the case study Why You Can’t Really Trust Negative Online Reviews in the New York times and This Is Why You Should Not Trust Online Reviews by Forbes.

We have done more than 10000s assignments till now in this programming assignment industry, and how many reviews are there compared to the number of projects we have done? Less than 0.5%. Let’s take your case, for instance. How many services and products were you satisfied with, and have you left a review? Hardly any?

All the reviews on online Platforms are not trustworthy, Period.

That’s why we have prepared this Case study of GeeksProgramming reviews and Testimonials for you. Where you dont need to take our word for it. We have legitimate proof of real conversations from real clients.

What are the questions people have when looking for GeeksProgramming reviews online?

Is GeeksProgramming legit? GeeksProgrammong Scam? (Legit or Scam)
Is GeeksProgramming fake? How reliable is GeeksProgramming?

Let’s answer these questions once in for all. As we have made a collection of real user experiences from our conversations with clients over the years. You can undoubtedly see in the screenshots the satisfaction reflected from the conversation on how our clients & students appreciate GeeksProgramming for helping with their programming projects and assignments.

To maintain privacy, we have redacted client names and emails from the screenshots.

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