Which is the best code editor IDE ?

Have you ever wondered what the best code editor for programmers or developers? Well if so today we present some great candidates and their advantages and disadvantages, we will see everything from the oldest to genuine gurus to the newest and professionals for developers today. A source editor is an everyday thing in the life of programmers and sometimes just stayed with the first thing we see or with which we indicate that it is the most used and sometimes do not take the importance it actually deserves, this fellow we could greatly facilitate things or make us the most difficult life. Join us and let us Have you tried any of these editors code? Does anyone missing? Give us your opinion!

First I’ll show you some reliable options, then I will give my opinion on the best code editor for programming.

The best source editor for masters

  • Vim



Links:   Website   ||   Wikipedia

  • Emacs


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The best source editor for professionals

  • Eclipse



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  • Netbeans


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  • Aptana Studio



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  • Visual Studio



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  • xCode



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  • Code Blocks – This is also one of my favorite code editor.Very Intuitive and quite easy to use and supports many languages



Best Code Editor (My Opinion)

  • Sublime Text 2


In my opinion the best code editor is undoubtedly Sublime Text 2, its main features are that it is cross-platform , with plenty of options and very fast . If you are new to this editor then there is nothing to worry about it is not  difficult to use you will get familiar to it within 20 minutes, also supports almost any Programming  language! It supports multiple selections, code folding, macros, shortcuts, split screen, project management and more .. The aesthetic design of Sublime Text is fairly simple and nice , away from distractions of your screen allowing you to concentrate on the code and your work, also has a great community behind it, and support for plugins and extensions. Definitely some stay with Sublime Text 2, how about you ?.

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