Programming Project Ideas for College,or to earn loads of Bucks

Many times we have the desire or need to start developing some project programming that involves something more than a simple calculator, either for reasons of School, Work, or simply Hobbie , and we are in a situation in which no idea lands us to the head and we’re thinking, thinking and simply nothing in this Article will try to give you some guidance for your project to be your best and you find yourself motivated when starting it, this is something of great importance, as it will be the project give you frustrations or joys for several days or weeks so do not miss it, see some ideas ..

Designing and Programming a website from scratch

You are more web development? project This project is the mother of all webmaster, you will develop one would design and complete website from scratch . This project requires Strong knowledge in HTML and CSS as a minimum , plus others like Javascript, Ajax, PHP, ASP, and more .. No doubt develop a complete web site from scratch will make you dominate everything in this field of web development, many start a website with the use of pre-designed templates, or other support at presentation but a problem or just to customize the design to your liking have enough problems, to finish this project I promise you will feel absolutely dominate all the problems that may arise or simply you can design or modify everything to your liking.

Devloping  a Web Application

A web application is an online tool that interacts with the user and gives an outcome sought by this, many times more complicated to program than a full website. Some Ideas of Web applications would virtually any desktop application but in the cloud, can be from a calculator to a advanced tool Product Management, Payroll, Inventory, etc. .. Any desktop application can be a web application. No neceseriamente you have to spend the Office to a Web Application you can create something more simple as a tool to select color and get their RGB or HEX code, a list of pending, a crossword puzzle or even a simple countdown to an event, depending clear your complexity requirements in the project

Set your own Social Network

If you master completely the above and are a complete guru of web programming and web applications you interested then develop your social network
Some will say that for already having dozens of these but most of those who feel great passion for developing and keychain starting it before you finish reading this is simply a fun challenge also is a great opportunity to review the basics and learn the most advanced PHP or if you want to learn Ruby On Rails . A social network requires virtually everything from great design and programming basic HTML and CSS to Database, PHP and other things that angers giving you account

Make an online shop e-commerce

If there is something that has grown considerably in recent times is undoubtedly the online shops  online stores are a part of Web Applications and other Social Network. Haras use of Sessions, Database and PHP pretty , but certainly strong this serious security project. It is also recommended if you want to learn PHP or Ruby On Rails , that if it will be quite tedious if you do not have much experience in this kind of applications.

Create and Maintain a Blog on the Internet

I myself have been fascinated with this project, it is certainly something that you will love , but does not require much programming (especially if you use a Content Management System like WordPress ) if the squatters occasionally especially if you’re like me and you like your blog modify it requires a lot of design and elegance, as well as if your blog also focuses on software development issues as well even better All stages are quite addictive .. design, personalization, content, personalization, position, more customization ..  The most challenging on this project will be perhaps the record

Schedule an Application for Mobile Devices

In today’s world if you are a developer and do not know create an App for mobile or tablets are simply not very good as such, but you have performed your first hello world in android or ios is time! Now simply choose what kind of go system develop and java android or iphone and objetive-c . As a tip I’ll tell you if you’re new to learn in the most calm and slow as possible, in these days of hurry to have the time to take a good basis to learn a language is critical, so no rush

Collaborate on a OpenSource Project

You have enough desire to collaborate on a project important and meet new people with the same interests as you? metete as to collaborate on a project OpenSource ! Code Free, People like you, Community .. These 3 things will convince insurance to collaborate on a project rather than start a new one from scratch.Internet There are many projects waiting for your help but the vast majority are in English (if not mastered perhaps best need to start a project language ) there are also quite a few in your language is just a matter of search and present you with the greatest humility and desire to help

Program a Game!

Good! this project sure has crossed your head more than once is something that every programmer would do at least once , at least a simple hangman sure and what you thought and doubly sure that you have already discouraged and left half or less Schedule a game does not have to be an impossible task, simply sets achievable goals , remember that the games once daily on your PC, Xbox or PS4 were developed for a long timpoe by several skilled programmers do not want to develop yourself GTA you just in one day! states also time for each stage of your project and constant

Meet the Computer Vision

You do not know what the Vision For Computer? Vision The computer is how a computer sees the world travez a Camara connected to it. What can you do? Well enough truth Performs algorithms or programs to help your computer to understand the outside world through its Camara, this way can help you recognize people, objects, colors, movement, measure objects, and more .. All in the Vision Computer receives information from the camera to process and carry out a specific action . You’ve seen the programs CSI? you see as recognized Automobile plates? seen as you recognize a person using a camera and tell you until your age? good because of that I can start at the library OpenCV .

Programe a Robot

I do not think I did anything more rewarding than programming a robot  but was not a Robocop or ASIMO , the sensation that produces you schedule something tangible to do what you want is something that can not be explained even if it is just an ugly bug it moves along a light, will you know your “ordered” to do it and you can “ordernarle” do anything (of course, provided that you have the capacity and resources ) you can think of. I’ll say that you are not an expert in electronics but the truth is that they sell plates as Arduino and Raspberry which are very easy to handle or even microcontrollers are not complicated to program and connect Try it !

Other Common Projects more ..

If none of these ideas for programming projects served and you want something more “Common” can get a program or software control visits, program Billing, Visitor Access Control, Point of Sale, an inventory, a CMS employees, etc. .. As you say the idea is to do something it takes and can help people to optimize time or automate procedures and you, you have other ideas for programming projects?

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