Ideas for Final Year Project in Information Security

Today, if anyone is short of ideas I will share 10 possible topics for projects that have to do with Information security or these can be more specifically said as Top 10 Invitational Project/Research Ideas in field of Information, Security and Hacking

Be A Hacker Like Inspector Gadget

1) Integrating frameworks Latch in Internet with Second Factor Authentication

Latch is a technology that can be used as Second Factor Authentication inframeworks of Internet . Paths from Eleven We have integrated it in a lot of them, like PrestaShop, WordPress, PHPMyAdmin, PHPBB, Open X-Change, OpenLDAP or RoundCube , but there are still plenty of them that we could integrate. All these plugins are Open Source , so you can view the source of each code and understand how it integrates a 2FA in each. Also, to make it much easier to understand how, we have written an article detailing allchanges made under WordPress when Latch is integrated .
If you want to integrate Latch in phpLDAPadmin in Horde , in cPanel , SQL Web Data Administrator , or any other framework will be a project that you will learn, a nice project Open Source today and you will have our help in resolving difficulties.

2) Evaluation of data leakage websites through public documents

This is a simple research project, we have already made with IBEX 35 and the webs leader in DLP . The idea is to evaluate how much data leaks occur in sites that should not occur. To do this, choose a field of study such as banking, government of your country, companies in a given industry, etc., could yield significant data. The risks of metadata are many, and I have already more than thirty examples of why we must care for metadata .

3) Detector empty houses

One thing that surprises me most is that you can do is see through walls using WiFi technology . We have seen that you can even monitor the heartbeat and breathing of a baby. Could make a system that would detect if a house is empty using a scanner WiFi ? I think so, and it would be important to alert the risk.

4) A configurator WiFi networks using pulse magnetometer

Is not too saw through a system would be possible to send messages using low frequency pulses in a mobile terminal magnetometer. How about making an app in Android that serve to configure the WiFi of a space? The user should only have your terminal a few seconds and WiFi would be correctly configured.

5) Configurator remote opening and closing of ports on a firewall with Latch

Use Latch allows many different schemes as Verification in 4 eyes, Parental Control, Supervision or made in HackPlayers Activator 2 keys . How about making a daemon that monitors every 5 minutes if the ports on a firewall should be open or closed and configure your iptables ? Thus the user from the app can open or close at all times which ports you want to have active and which are not.

6) Search with Apache automated backups mod_negotiation

The module Apache mod_negotiation shows files with different extensions when a file name that is not requested. This trick can be used to search for backups on web servers . FOCA automatically look for these bugs would be interesting to make a plugin for FOCA – a tool or stand-alone – once discovered that the Apache server has mod_negotiation activated search for all files the web and then search for all files without putting the extension file and find ” copy “of the original.

7) A recogniser locks, locks or keys for lock-picking using Google Glass

The Google Glass can be used for things thousand hacking , and stealing a passcode , but also could be used to lock-picking . For instance, they could recognise a key to a lock and to know make, model and see if the codes with the key, or recognize a lock or lock out and recommend how corresponding aperture. A nice app to take on glasses.

8) An integrated docking station with Latch

At work, often teams are left in dock station for laptop to charge while you can use peripherals. How to integrate a system of verification of Latch to disconnect the equipment from the docky ? You already have an example of the physical world in which Latch controls a door lock.

9) An app that shows the history of use of the webcam

Every time you light a webcam is an activity log. Know what time it was and what time it was turned off can be useful for everyone and especially for parents who can detect whether a woman is being spied upon or making video conference with someone. Make an application that can run on any Windows, Linux or OS X and display the history of use of the webcam would be useful.

10) Theft of sessions with Google Authenticator Google

Google Authenticator is a second factor authentication , but in the end the authentication code must be put in the same channel. As the authentication code has a period of life, in a fit of man in the middle in which the user and password is stolen – for example doing a HTTP Bridging (IPv6) -HTTPS (IPv4) – and then steal the code of Google Authenticator to maybe get two sessions authenticated with the same code.
They are just ideas that haunt my head and surely will works as Master’s Thesis. If any of you are encouraged to make any of the above application, that would be great. If either stimulate you to do anything great.As they go by, I will update the ideas, that there is always at least 10 fresh ideas undone.

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Greetings Evil!

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