Top 10 Programming Languages to Learn in 2014

So you want to know Which is the best programming language?

The question of which programming language is best. Is something I often wonder to my surprise.
It is curious that the question comes from different areas and types of person.

Learning to program is something that is not as simple as many believe. It’s not impossible, of course, but requires long hours, lots of reading and lots of tests.

Think before you know what is the best programming language, several concepts must be clear and well anchored in the head:

Philosophy of programming, and with this I’m not talking about anything related to Kant :) but the basics, how to break a problem into smaller and smaller parts and they still.
How that works where we will schedule. Not exactly the same program a web page, a desktop program or component for your console. There are also differences between the operating systems, even between versions.
The capabilities of compilers and interpreters are not infinite. Can not think of a program (compiled or interpreted) does not occupy memory or handle this when it is scheduled. By this I mean that a huge framework for easy web, or language not suitable for your environment programming can not be used.
Many experienced programmers who speak with them strange “obsession” that seem to have with the program is optimized, occupying little even the editor to use is light. This is an “obsession” which I think is basic. Less is more.

We can not believe us that we are the best programmers that know a language well enough. There are many very good programmers and often already have scheduled things will be very useful, so no reschedule something that already exists :).

Finally, I do not know exactly at what age is best to start coding, but I deduce that as in mathematics or any other subject, the younger you start, the better the basic concepts are based.

Now, I will go on.

What is for me the best programming language. So in principle the answer is quite simple: the right to what you will do.

There are many different languages ​​and it is no coincidence. Born to solve certain tasks, usually simplifying what we should do with older languages.

When I left college (it has rained) there was not even Java, taught us to do compilers, TinyOS, MRI’s or the like in Pascal. If we would get very very technical, so we soaked with C & C++. Nothing more. Then it seemed that Pascal (Borland Pascal then) and C served us for almost everything, and is true to a point.

However, when Java came out, most companies requesting analysts or software engineers who know Java, probably because it solved two things very well: one is that it was cross-platform and was a better way to sell, and the other is that the number of components that already had Java facts could make many applications faster. This came to cover a large space in the enterprise software and was accepted very fast. Java has other drawbacks (insurmountable for me), they are giving the wrong result your virtual machines and how heavy everything becomes. In the Android world, Java is the language of choice for their applications. This behavior is different because it compiles virtually all machine and its efficiency is better.

In the world of the web, PHP has been the undisputed king and still is. But powerful alternatives have appeared, which, although even older than PHP have not really shown up half of the 2000s.’m Talking about Python and Ruby. In my opinion, quite come to simplify the work would be done with PHP in the same conditions.

JavaScript is also taking a force that at least I did not expect, thanks to NodeJS and that can also be run on the server side. I firmly believe that the fact that it can run on both the client side and the server side will encourage many people to learn more and better Javascript, I have a feeling that always seemed a language second level to make colorful things but of little use and no more. However, it is proving to be as powerful as many other languages.

One can speak of many other languages ​​in the world, thousands in fact, as Scala, Smalltalk, Tcl, D, Vala, Haskell, and so on.

Do not think there is any experienced programmer who likes a language 100%, and if so is that it is too attached to a single programming language that is what will life or solving the only one working. The truth is that all languages ​​have their pros and cons.

As multi language, I’ve even created an ideal head for me (which I will discuss in another post) syntax, I’d personally whenever Python is not very technical software. Why? Well, that has a simple syntax, is quite efficient and can do with it desktop programs, or web console. Contrary say it still has little acceptance in the shared hosting companies, we will not deceive us, is what is used most small web applications and that is usually a handicap, which is slowly solucionándose.

As closest to the OS language would stick with C and if C + + can. Two languages ​​compiled the best I’ve seen and more efficient.

As part of a small web application would stick with PHP for its wide acceptance, have a common syntax for many languages, and because there are plenty of scripts developed in it.

Finally as a programming language to learn. Learning can be done in different ways, but I think from the most basic to the most high is the best choice through different languages. Pascal is a language that I think very suitable to learn and then move on to other things. Python also, although in the latter I think we lose parts of traditional programming paradigms. Aka, while a powerful language, it also seems a good starting point.

If what you want is a web oriented language directly, I would focus on Python and JavaScript. Two different syntax, Python and Javascript as multiparadigm as I practically pure object oriented (no inheritance or polymorphism).

So Let`s have a look at some Stats that will make us clear which is the best programming language in 2014 according to Stats.

For some people, the best programming language is the most money you win, you can make things better, it is the language with high labor demand and can get a job quickly.

Therefore, you have to ask yourself. What do you mean “better”? What is your goal?

Is your goal to charge more? or build cool stuff? or be in high demand? Or something else? For example, you can see COBOL language is a well paid, but does not have high demand. Furthermore WordPress developers and PHP are in great demand, but most of the work is not well paid. So the word “best” is relative.

In this article, I will show various aspects of programming languages ​​and their demand for this 2014.

Popular programming languages ​​2014

If you look at programming languages  ​​more popular   , you will find that C, C + +, Java and Objective-C are those that stand out. Based on research and statistics by Udemy, and langpop TIOBE, the following list can be used to list the 10 most programming languages ​​used.

  1. C
  2. Java
  3. C + +
  4. Objective-C
  5. C #
  6. php
  7. Visual Basic
  8. Python
  9. Javascript
  10. Transact-SQL

Languages ​​with more demand.

Let’s take a look at the most popular languages. ComputerWorld  published  a report on December 11, 2013 of the 10 languages ​​that are best demanded by employers in major U.S. cities.

Language Jobs City
SQL 98.454 New York, DC, San Francisco, Boston, Chicago
Java 66.485 New York, DC, San Jose, San Francisco, Boston
HTML 45.456 New York, DC, San Francisco, Boston, LA
JavaScript 43,189 New York, DC, San Francisco, Boston, Silicon Valley
C + + 32,018 Santa Clara, Seattle, New York, San Francisco
C # 31,936 Seattle, New York, Boston, Chicago, Atlanta
XML 31,431 DC, New York, San Francisco, Boston, Atlanta
C 24,801 Santa Clara, Seattle, New York, San Francisco, San Diego
Perl 20,579 San Jose, New York, Seattle, San Francisco, Boston
Python 19,627 Mountain View, San Francisco, New York, Seattle, Boston

These data agree with has  analyzed hundreds of thousands of jobs their database  in recent months to provide a  ranking of languages  ​​and most popular programming environments.

Better paid Languages

Salaries for programmers usually depend on several factors such as location, experience, skills and enterprise. For example, Juniper Networks in the same city pays much more than Microsoft with the same experience and skills.

Let’s refer to a list ComputerWorld  published  on June 11, 2013 in the 10 programming languages ​​paid in major U.S. cities.

Language Wage City
Java $ 95,000 New York, DC, San Jose, an Francisco, Boston
C + + $ 94,000 Santa Clara, Seattle, New York, San Francisco
C $ 93,000 Santa Clara, Seattle, New York, San Francisco, San Diego
Perl $ 93,000 San Jose, New York, Seattle, San Francisco, Boston
XML $ 92,000 DC, New York, San Francisco, Boston, Atlanta
C # $ 91,000 Seattle, New York, Boston, Chicago, Atlanta
SQL $ 90,000 New York, DC, San Francisco, Boston, Chicago
JavaScript $ 88,000 New York, DC, San Francisco, Boston, Silicon Valley
Python $ 83,000 Mountain View, San Francisco, New York, Seattle, Boston
HTML $ 81,000 New York, DC, San Francisco, Boston, LA

Languages ​​for mobile platforms

Currently developers are surprised the modern as Mobile, Big Data and Cloud that are in high demand.

As you can see from the statistics published by StatCounter, Android leads all mobile platforms, followed by iOS. Obviously Java and Objective-C are the languages ​​most used for mobile development.

Mobile Os Stats
Mobile OS stats

Versatile programming languages
Out of the programming languages ​​listed as C, C + +, Java and C #, probably the most versatile among them are C + + and C #. Using C # you can develop Windows applications, Web applications, Windows Components to store apps, Windows Phone application and even mobile applications such as iOS and Android.

The best programming language is relative to what you want. In this article, we discuss various aspects of programming languages. Clearly, Mobile, Big Data, Cloud and usable are the top trends for 2014. I hope you liked this article and you are welcome if you want to add any information in comments section.

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