Object Orientation in Python

As already discussed in Introduction to Python post, Python is a multi-paradigm language which could work as structured programming, object-oriented programming or functional programming. Object Oriented Programming (OOP according to its acronym) is a programming paradigm in which concepts relevant to our problem real world are modeled through classes and objects, and in which our program […]

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Oop In Python

Introduction to Grunt

Not long ago, the good practices comply with JavaScript code was pretty tedious. How to compile everything into a single file? How to turn Sass into CSS files? How…? They began to be some tools like Codekit , they did all this work for you, and for some time it was fine. However, with the

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Introduction To Grunt

Installing Python In Windows 10 – Tutorial

This article will show you how to install python on windows 10 and run our first Hello World program correctly the guide will work fine for earlier versions of windows too. First a brief introduction to the language, Python is an interpreted programming language with a syntax very clean and readable code, is multi-paradigm (object-oriented, imperative and

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Basic Concepts of Programming

Wanna learn a programming language?Java? Perhaps you’ll go with C, or you’ll go with .NET? No you may enjoy more Python? No matter what language you learn these are your personnel preferences , there are some concepts that are universal in any programming language you use, that’s why today we present five basic concepts of programming you will find in

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Learn To Code
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