Installing Python In Windows 10 – Tutorial

This article will show you how to install python on windows 10 and run our first Hello World program correctly the guide will work fine for earlier versions of windows too. First a brief introduction to the language, Python is an interpreted programming language with a syntax very clean and readable code, is multi-paradigm (object-oriented, imperative and functional programming) is an interpreted language and platform. Python is simple to use and learn, allows programs from a line up unlimited, can do just about anything on any device. There are many libraries and modules that can do just about everything. Let’s begin …


Download Python For Windows 10

Download Latest version of Python 3.4.3
or If you are looking for a stable release than better go for Python 3.4.0 or Python 2.7.6


To install Python need to download it from the official website of Python on the link above, we will install the latest version but 3.4.0 is more stable windows version and for later use python with pygame library for creating games and this version is the more stable with this library, the installation procedure is as follows:
Simply Double Click the installer and it will begin Installing
Installing Python In Windows 10

Select the Installation Directory and go with the flow.


Installing Python In Windows

Python Installation Final Step

Installed Python
Now we will open the “IDLE Python GUI” from Start -> Programs -> Python 3.4 -> IDLE Python GUI

Python Idle Gui
Now lets write our first Program and execute

print("Hello World !")

Python First Program Hello World

And we just executed first program in python


We have seen how to install python on windows properly, also write and run our first Hello World program, later we will create our first application with graphical interface and also we will get filled with pygame library for game development.

Note: There are few syntactical changes in python 3 as you might have noticed from hello world program for more details about changes in Python 3 follow the link.

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1 thought on “Installing Python In Windows 10 – Tutorial”

  1. Hi Nipun, Thank you for your approach with Python. The last time I wrote a program was in 1983. It was in basic and I my program played tic-tac-toe. It had a bug and wouldn’t let you make any move that might win the game. Anyway, I am trying to teach myself to use Python to dig into data from twitter for some grad school research and frankly I have no idea what I am doing. I’m looking for a more academic approach and not gaming application. Any tutorials you might suggest would be more than helpful. But geared to one who knows nothing.

    Much thanks for your time.

    Matt Mattingly

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