Can you Live with Linux Alone?

I have been using Linux for many years, and not only do I not get tired, but I like it more every day. I do tests with different configurations and distributions, I learn new things every day, and when I have a problem, I do not see it as a bad thing but as an opportunity to learn.

Why use Linux

Some people still do not know what the advantages of Linux are over other more widespread operating systems on the market, such as MacOS and Windows, but from my point of view, there are many reasons to use Linux, and these are just some of them:

  • Distributions: there are hundreds (! Thousands!) Of distributions, it allows us to test an endless number of different configurations with which our computer can work.
  • Desktop environments: KDE, Gnome, Mate or Cinnamon are just some of the desktop environments that a Linux user can install on their computer. We are no longer tied to the appearance of Windows or MacOS, but we can choose how we want our desktop to look.
  • Learning: what I have learned using Linux I have not learned with Windows. I always have the console open even when I’m not working.
  • Viruses: you already have to mess it up a lot to get your computer infected with a virus using Linux.


can you live with linux alone?

My day to day using Linux

Since I decided to use Linux for leisure, work and even games, I have not needed another operating system. But it indeed depends a lot on the use that each one gives to the computer:

Programming and web development: for example, most of the websites we developed from scratch are in Laravel, and we do not use any content manager such as WordPress. I use PHPStorm, Visual Studio Code, Git, Docker, Vagrant, Chrome, Firefox. All these programs have a Linux version, so not only can I work without problems, but sometimes it is even easier than in Windows for all the configurations to be done.

Writing articles: to manage the publications and write down exciting things to write or read, I use Notion, a productivity tool that I highly recommend. It can be used from the browser, so on Linux, it can also be used. I write the GeeksProgramming articles on the web itself in the browser. I take this opportunity to remind you that you can send your articles.

Doing Programming Assignments and Homework:  all (or almost all) the IDEs or Coding environments are available for Linux now. Be it Android Studio or Visual Studio Code are the most common ones used by students. 

Play: it is true that there are not as many games in Linux as in Windows, but that for me is not a problem since I do not spend much time playing on the computer and luckily, the games I have are available for Linux with Steam. If you wanted to play games like GTA, FIFA, Fortnite or any other title that is not on Linux, you would have to use Windows or a console.

Why don’t I need Windows?

Perhaps my case is a bit particular since when I started using the computer professionally 10-2 years ago, I did it with Linux and not with Windows or MacOS.

And why is it a particular case? I tried to solve every problem with Linux because of everything I learned in a Linux operating system and every challenge encountered. For example, when I started GeeksProgramming and had to make images for articles, I learned how to use GIMP instead of learning Photoshop. To do the university internships, instead of downloading and using Microsoft Office, I learned to use OpenOffice or instead of downloading Adobe Premiere, I learned to use KDEnlive.

The situation would be different if all my life I had been using programs that are only in Windows or Mac, and now I had to switch to Linux. You would probably miss a lot of programs.

Things I miss in Linux.

The reality is that I do not miss anything at all, as luckily, I have the freedom to choose the programs I want to work with, and they are all on Linux natively.

If I had been working with Windows all my life and now I had to start using Linux for everything, I would indeed have a horrible time, as I have seen what has happened to people who have tried and ended up going back to Windows.

What cannot be discussed is that it depends a lot on each one’s situation, but you can live only with Linux from my point of view.

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