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Let me give you my answer in a minute, first I want you to think, what you would answer if I ask. Is it difficult to play football (soccer) or cricket? Surely you’d say no.

Is it difficult to play football?

The answer that many will say, almost without thinking, is not. However, I do not think is the right answer, the answer to the question is it difficult to play football? It would, depend on where you go to play. Let’s change the question is it difficult to play football at Real Madrid? Yes it is. Is it difficult to play professional football? Yes. Is it difficult to play football in the park of my home? Of course not.

That is exactly the same answer to the question of whether it is difficult to program, it depends what you want to program. Is it difficult to program in Google? Yes. Is it hard to work professionally as a programmer? Yes. Is it difficult to write basic programs for yourself? No, but it is not as easy as playing football.

Learning to program and learn to play football, in practice, they are completely different things, in the concept are equal. The only difference is that playing football has a more friendly learning curve, this means that with a few days of kicking the ball, and understand the basic rules … you’re ready to play while in the case of programming, prior to play you need to learn a few concepts, like a loop, a variable, condition, and above all, you need to learn to combine these concepts, which by themselves are simple solutions to more complex problems, which is almost like turning foot touches on a ball, dribbling, shooting angle, centers, walls, triangulation and more.

How difficult is programming?

It turns out that contrary to what many may think, computers are extremely stupid, however, they also happens to be that are great at following orders. Have you ever met anyone who is very serious for work, always wears pen, books, notebooks and keep everything in order … but is not very good at creative work, to innovate, to do things that had not been taught? These are computers.

Computers follow each step one tells them, the complexity of programming is that you cannot predict every step is going to happen, each user interaction with the computer is different, selected different things, have different names, different post offices, etc. . The complexity of programming is to design logically manual steps that the computer can follow to solve a problem, because as I said before, computer is not creative, but knows how to follow orders. How good are you to tell someone what to do?

To be specific, my opinion is that programming is quite simple (without previous knowledge) can take about 15 days to understand the basic concepts, it is just a different way of thinking, that you have to get used to. Those first few simple problems are the key, if you can understand what is happening, you’re on the other side.

Programming real world solutions, that is, to make programs that can really help you at work or improve your career, can take you  a couple of months of learning and practice.

On the other hand If you want to be a professional programmer and want to sell simple software solutions to others, it can take up to 6 months of intense practice, and of course we are talking about simple solutions .

To have the level to look for a job as a programmer. Can take, at least a year.

Programming is a skill that improves by practicing, if you practice a lot, you will improve faster, if not, you go slower. It is difficult to give figures when you will be at that point.

Why should you learn to program?

In Most cases, computers (and by computers I mean cell phones, laptops, PCs, smart devices, smartwatches, Smart TVs etc.) have been shown to contribute or improve any industry where they are placed, in the best cases, computers have completely revolutionized an industry :

  • Netflix changed the entertainment software
  • Google killed encyclopedias
  • Uber changed the way we travel
  • Amazon changed the way we buy
  • PayPal the way we pay and get paid

All these companies used technology to change what we thought was well defined and established. Perhaps you’re a doctor, farmer, student, super hero, accountant, teacher, or whatever; it is very likely that the next big change in your work environment is driven by computers, a program will replace you sooner or later (for example if you work in a call center, or are driver) it’s until the computer facilitate and streamline your work.

It sounds horrible to say that a program will replace you, and make those sci-fi movies look inevitable, in reality it is not so horrible, inhuman works that no person should do, and are those which, firstly, will be replaced by computers.

The question is, what is the next big revolution in your work environment? Will you be the one to change things? Will you be who support the change? Will you be who become obsolete? Will you be who refuse to change?

Understanding how a computer works and follows orders, what it can do for you, is key you define how can computers improve my work?

How I could improve my work with computer and software?

If I ask, how do you think a program or app change or revolutionize your work environment? What do you answer? Take a minute and think, how will a computer revolutionize your work with software, and why software is so successful revolutionizing things…

Let’s see … first, what computers do? From childhood I wanted to be a programmer … and it took me years to understand what was programmed, my friend is a programmer, and it was very difficult for me to understand what he did in his work, thinking, how can a computer do so much? From showing movies you think you will like, but not have seen, to search the internet in micro seconds to get answers. Visualizing an image of you and me trying to understand how computers can do so many different things:

Is Programming Hard Learning to program is to understand how the software is changing your life works. How do you know where to show Pokémon’s? How do I know if I’m close or far from a Pikachu? How do you know what my street looks like? How do you know that there is water and to show water Pokémon? Without such precision, an experienced programmer could give you an idea of the answer to those questions.

If you want to be part of the progress of your industry, or want yourself to change things in your profession, you probably should understand what a program can do for you, you help … in other words, learn to program.

I need to know how much and how much it will cost me

It depends on where you want to program, like it depends where you want to play football. Think of Messi or Cristiano Ronaldo, can you imagine the number of hours they have trained in life? What percentage of their entire life they have lived with a ball at their feet, or at the gym, or studying opponents? The preparation that the top players make is huge, very difficult to imagine … if you want to program in Google, Amazon or Facebook … it’s your turn, hours of code, and the reward? More than $ 100,000 a year in salary, free food, inspiring work spaces, great challenges, free laundry, slides at work, etc. etc.

Work At Google Do you think anyone can be Messi, without putting the proper training hours? My answer is no, reaching the highest level of a profession requires a lot of effort … to become the top of the top, the cream, the best of the best … usually requires talent.

There are people for whom its easier to learn to play soccer or mathematics, some are fast since childhood, some are good at reading, others are good at drawing … some others at programming, or better at designing, some develop logical thinking more Quick.

Even today, if you ask me, being a programmer among those who earn thousands in the most important companies of the world, requires a lot of practice … and some talent. Do not be discouraged , we all do not have to get there to be successful … for my day to day work, and for so many people, it is to remove that barrier and anyone (with the attitude and proper disposal) can be a professional programmer.

Programming is one of the skills that  can be proved very useful why? Because there is much demand for programmers, everyone wants a programmer from your uncle who has a successful micro enterprise to multinationals, start-ups, company’s video games and personal projects done for fun.

Getting a job as a programmer requires a lot of dedication, and almost anyone can do it. Check our previous articles, where we have several posts that talk about how to improve programming.

Learning to program and to understand a computer, it is possible for everyone. You need not invest tens of thousands dollars and two couple of years on a computer science degree, with in a few months and hours of proper practice, you have enough. Getting a job as a programmer is also possible, if you want or that is what you like.


  • Programming is very important to you, especially if you’re young. As you know All companies are already software companies now a days.
  • Programming is not just for programmers, it is for anyone and everyone.
  • Program teaches you to think about the problems as a series of steps, it helps you in solving any problem, not just creating a software.
  • Many people think that all children will eventually take programming classes, Start now.
  • You can learn programming from home, you just need a computer and internet. Nothing else.
  • 1 year ago I had problems today I laugh at. We all have problems, if you start your learning regime now… in a year probably you will also laugh at these problems.

If you need any Help Learning Programming or want someone to help with Programming Projects or assignments then you can contact us.

Have a great day !

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